Several factors help contribute to the success of your online business. One such factor is your web design because it forms a key part of your brand’s identity. The benefits of a great website to business growth and profitability are innumerable.

They range from improved visibility to better ranking and better on-page SEO. While you may not see the benefits of a great web design instantly, with time, you surely will.

An aesthetically appealing and user-friendly website can go a long way in improving the conversion rate, resulting in more earnings and a successful business.

What is the Importance of Having a Great Website Design to Business Growth?

Your website is a reflection of your brand alongside all that your business stands for. Usually, it is the first thing your audience looks at while trying to learn about your business. Thus, it forms the first perception of your brand. Let’s look at how web design acts as an invaluable tool for business profitability.

1. It Sets a Great First Impression

First impressions matter even in business. Users often form their impressions of a business based on what they see within the first 10 seconds. Thus, you want to leave a positive impression on your audience as soon as they log into your website.

A great web design helps you do this and more. It impacts how users see your brand and can help you to keep them on your page longer.

2. It Improves Your Search Engine Optimization Strategy

A great web design helps you achieve a top-notch SEO technique for your website. Search engine optimization is vital for the growth of your business. You absolutely cannot afford to trivialize because, with poor SEO, your site will be fighting a losing battle.

Key web design elements directly affect your SEO in negative or positive ways. Thus, a great web design ensures that your site is user-friendly with codes that are also SEO friendly. This way, search engine spiders can crawl and index your site easily.

Web design can prove tough to comprehend. Thus, we advise that you contact a reputable web design company like Monify Media to help you with that aspect.

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3. Improves Your On-Page SEO

In this information-packed era, keeping people on your site for more than half a minute can be quite the challenge. However, with a well-crafted and appealing web design, you stand better chances of getting visitors to browse through your website for longer. This is effective on-page SEO in action.

Now we all know that the longer your audience stays in your site, the higher the likelihood of conversion. Thus, by extension, a great web design helps you keep your bounce rate to the barest minimum.

4. More Audience

As we mentioned earlier, the longer a user browses through your website, the more things they discover about your brand. A professional web design helps your business pull in more customers via strategically placed keywords and great content. This technique helps you convince even more people to make the call to action, thus boosting your business’s profit.

5. Less Expense Further Down the Line

One rule of successful businesses is that the overhead cost must be lower than the business’s gross income. Thus, investing in a quality web design helps improve your profit margin. How, you may ask? The simple answer is because you won’t need to spend extra to get another web designer to remodel your site.

6. Save Time and Money for Advertisement

Your website is a great way for you to create awareness of your brand. We all know that increased awareness and visibility improve your chances of making a profitable conversion. With a good web design, you no longer have to waste money advertising via print media or waiting for the distribution services to spread your brand’s word.

A great website design will fill in the gaps that pamphlets and other print media leave and even proffer better benefits. So, you see, you get to reduce your expenditure and increase your business profit margin greatly by paying attention to your web design.

7. Improved Visibility

One-way web design contributes to your business’s profitability is by freeing you from geography limitations. Unlike 20 years ago, where you could only dream of such visibility, the internet offers you round the world visibility. Thus, you can lure in an audience from all over the world with ease via your website.

8. Better Communication

Your website design further impacts your business growth by opening up a two-way communication channel. By doing so, you can communicate with your audience, and they can also reach you instantly. How, you may ask? Via the comment and forum sections of your website.

These sections have virtually improved customer service, making it instantaneous and easy. The interactions from these sections help cement your brand in your audience’s minds as one that is customer centric. Thus, you can pull in potential customers and also retain your old customers.

9. Easy and Cost-efficient Way to Research Past and Existing Market Trends

Owning a website with great web design makes it possible for you to tap into the vast benefits offered by free analytical tools like Google Analytics. These tools help you deduce the market trend and provide information on better techniques at no cost at all. With the information derived from the analysis, you can draw up better strategies, improve your brand conversion, and consequently, your business’s profit margin.

What is the Best Way to Design a Website?

Oops! It seems we’ve been moving at breakneck speed. Let’s take a minute to rewind and learn of great ways to design a website.

The best way to design a website is to keep your audience in mind. We say this because an audience-oriented web design tends to avoid the usual pitfalls and focus on the most important aspects of the brand as it appeals to the audience.

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Tips on How to Create a Great Website Design

To achieve a great website design, you must pay attention to the key details. You will find a few of these key components below.

  • Color – paying attention to the colors you use on your website is important because colors have certain associations. For example, the color blue is associated with trust; thus, you can capitalize on this to boost the audience’s trust. Most people associate the color black with high quality. Please find out more about color associations and use them to evoke certain thoughts or emotions while designing your website.

  • Website Layout – A rule of thumb is to keep your web layout clean and simple and avoid cluttered web layouts. Simple website layouts help to draw the users’ attention to the most important parts. Cluttered sites, on the other hand, affect your user experience negatively.

Remember that the needs of your target audience are vital so take note of them. Feel free to try out a couple of layout options to help you understand what works best for your audience. Take note of the menu options and elements in the drop-down menu they lean towards.

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  • Font Style and Typography – While designing your website, ensure that the font you choose is visible against the background color and easy to read. Your actual font size and style should also take into account your audience. If your audience tends more to the younger generation, we advise you to select stylish and fun fonts. For older folks, however, it is best to use simple, easy to read fonts.

    All in all, your font and typography should reflect your brand, i.e., youthful, fun, or professional.

  • Site Accessibility and Navigation – Your website must be designed such that everyone can access it. This helps reduce bounce rates and improves your overall user experience. Be sure also to make your site easily navigable. This will help your audience find the information they seek easily without getting lost or frustrated. Sites that are easy to navigate are more user-friendly, and consequently, more engaging. All these help improve your conversion rate.

    Another great tip to note while designing your website is the speed at which it loads. You can see that designing an accessible website is easier said than done with all said and done. Thus, we advise that you enlist the help of a professional website designer.

  • Content – Don’t be one of those greedy people who build sites crammed with adverts and content with little or no value. Sites with high search rankings are those with premium content and fewer ads. Don’t forget to balance out your written content with great visuals.

  • Call-to-action – To achieve a great web design, you must have a call to action button to identify and click on. It helps if these buttons stand out on your page so that the user’s eyes are effortlessly drawn to them. This is a great way to gently prod the audience to take the desired action needed for the conversion.

Final Thoughts

Your website is among the important factors responsible for business growth and overall profitability. Thus, you must pay attention to your web design because it affects your site’s SEO, on-page SEO, conversion bounce rate, and so much more. To ensure your website is optimally designed, consider key components like navigation, visuals, and content in the design process. Put your mind at ease, get your website designed and optimized by professionals at Monify Media.

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