The Amalgamation of SEO and E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Almost all businesses, at some levels, are built on an e-commerce model. As an IT company, we adopt a strategy that incorporates both search engine optimization and e-commerce tools. Our fine blend of SEO and e-commerce marketing techniques help increase traffic and conversion rate at e-commerce stores.

Our teams of IT professionals at Monify Media are trained to make your dreams for your e-commerce store a reality. Walk with us and see how we achieve this.

What Is Monify Media About?

We incorporate SEO and e-commerce marketing strategies that suit your business. These tested strategies help to drive organic traffic to your e-commerce site in no time at all. Our team is trained with the mindset that nothing is impossible as regards e-commerce.

How Can We Help?

We help you achieve your e-commerce dreams and goals. We have tailored our services to meet every need of your e-commerce business. Our company improves your business’s functionality and merges SEO and e-commerce marketing strategies for optimum performance.

Let us walk you through some of the ways we amalgamate SEO and e-commerce marketing strategies in your business.

1. Creating a Responsive Website

E-commerce sites are prone to high traffic. We help you create responsive websites for all devices and can deal with a high volume of traffic. Our design glitches have none of the glitches most websites show when there is high volume traffic. We realize that most online shoppers do so with mobile phones; therefore, our websites are mobile-friendly.

2. Designing and Developing Your E-commerce Website

We understand that for e-commerce stores, a website is the most important aspect. The layout of the website can make or mar the business. Our team of expert web developers and designers provide you with the best website for your business needs.

Our designers are proficient in designing optimized websites. We design and optimize your e-commerce site so that it is easy for customers to navigate through. Websites that are not well designed to experience high bounce rates. The best part is that we can also manage your site to ensure it functions how it should at every point.

3. Improving Organic Traffic to Your Site

Driving organic traffic to your site is crucial for the growth of your e-commerce store. The key to improve organic traffic understands the e-commerce model and your customers. We can help you with this.

Our professional team analyses the data from your website and notes the key points. Things like the average maximum search length, site traffic, and many more are what we analyze and take into consideration when strategizing.

For example, one of the ways we drive organic traffic to your site is through strategic keywords. These keywords used are those that appear in related searches. Our clever use of the right keywords:

  • Improve your site’s search ranking so that they rank higher than your competitors.
  • Improve your stores’ visibility and drive organic traffic to your e-commerce store.
  • Helps you cut the cost on advertising.

4. Finding Relevant Keywords

Keywords are essential to search engine optimization. A well carried out research of keywords is required because keywords are important words used by customers in their search for products.

We know the value of using premium keywords with medium to the high search value. Thus, our team is trained not only to research these keywords but also to position them in your web pages strategically. By incorporating these words into your e-commerce site, we improve your site’s search rankings.

5. Improving the Overall Experience of Your Customers

For e-commerce stores, customer experience is everything. The quality of time spent on your site will determine if these customers will return with glowing reviews or not. Our dedicated IT team is on the ground to analyze your customer’s data and how they interact with your site.

With the data obtained, we help you improve your customers overall experience and have them refer you to more people. Here’s how we achieve this.

  • Structuring Your Site – we ensure your site is user friendly and has attractive product descriptions that utilize medium to the high search value keywords. Helpful product descriptions help your customers understand your goods and services.
  • Optimizing Your Web Pages – a great way to improve customer satisfaction is to optimize all the pages on your site. By so doing, we ensure that each page has something relevant and interesting to your users.
  • Optimize Your Checkout – our team helps you to optimize your checkout process. We understand that an e-commerce site can be great, but if the checkout process is not optimized, it will experience a high bounce rate. By optimizing the checkout process, we help you increase the conversion rate and reduce carts abandoned at checkout.

6. Marketing

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for the growth of e-commerce businesses. We are trained to help you design and implement strategies for growth.

Here’s a glimpse of how we do this:

  • Optimized Content to Suit Your E-commerce Needs.

We help you create suitable content for your website. We understand the importance of marketing strategies and the role content creation plays in the growth of online businesses. Our team has been trained to think outside the box and leverage content to improve conversion rates.

  • Search Engine Optimization

The importance of search engine optimization is one that cannot be overemphasized. We analyze current trends and use the data extracted to make sure your site is optimized. This way, your site stands a better chance of being seen by users when they search.

  • Referral Marketing

Referral Marketing is one essential e-commerce marketing strategy that we do not underestimate. We set in place motions that will drive more referrals your way.

  • Social Media Marketing

Social media has clinched a spot as one of the great marketing strategies, and we exploit the advantages it brings to the fullest. We create awareness about your e-commerce products and services on social media and drive organic traffic your way.

7. Analytics

We don’t just implement these SEO and marketing strategies and fold our arms after that. Our team stays in place to analyze the data from your e-commerce store. We look out to see how these blend of strategies have worked.

Our in-depth analysis covers :

  • The performance of your site after the strategies have been implemented.
  • The areas with high and low performance.
  • Reviews of “customers”

With the data obtained, we refine the strategies of areas that are not doing as great as others. The analysis helps our team give you the best amalgamation of SEO and e-commerce marketing strategies possible.

Get your e-commerce store up and running with our fine blend of SEO and marketing strategies. In addition to all these, we provide round the clock support because you are invaluable to us. Get in touch with our team today.


The success of your e-commerce website is largely dependent on the implementation of SEO and marketing strategies. At Monify Media, we push past boundaries to ensure you get all you need to succeed in your e-commerce business. We design your website, analyze data obtained, and utilize it in creating an efficient blend of SEO and e-commerce marketing strategies that drive your business growth. Get in touch with us now and make those dreams a reality.

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