Simple Link Building Strategies to Rank Your Website in 2021

Link building is one of the most excellent ways to improve Google search rankings, although it may seem like a time-intensive process. It is estimated that by 2021, seventy-three percent of eCommerce sales will come from mobile. That being said, now is the perfect time to establish an online presence and brand trust via link building.

Link building has never stopped being the most effective way to increase Google search rankings. Link building is a way to improve the domain and value authority of a website aside from just being an essential SEO component. To learn more about link building and how to learn some of its strategies to rank your site in 2021, continue reading.

What is Link Building?

Link building can be defined as the process of placing your content link or website on other websites. Like SEO, link building involves the use of keyword research, and it has a focus for ranking for a particular keyword in the algorithms of Google.

Search engines can determine rankings with the use of links. Quality pages that link externally to a site can bring about trust and cause organic reach. However, paid links like banner ads do not count in Google Page Rank System because they are deemed no follow.

Brands will need to contact other websites to achieve organic link building. Doing this can also help to build long-term relationships and further create a channel of referral traffic.

From SEO to social media, virtual marketing is continuously evolving. At Monify Media, our experts who always think outside of the box are leveraging strategies to increase ROI.

Top Ten Quick and Effective Link Building Strategies for 2021

1. Participate in Network Outreach

A great aspect of SEO is building a reputable online presence. Network outreach is an excellent link-building strategy. Discover connections that may possess blog or website pages that can host a hyperlink.

You can use websites like Ahrefs to observe keyword research for the links you plan on placing. The results will help you discover new blogs and websites that could host a backlink.

You can also consider being a journalists’ source. With this, you can create additional backlinks. Websites like Muck Rack and Haro connect writers with the information that they desire to complete their articles. You can build an authoritative link by being referenced by a journalist and including a backlink as context. For instance, these sources receive a backlink to their LinkedIn profile and company.

2. Build Influence and Use Influencers

There are crucial key players in every industry, and backlinks will be encouraged when you take conscious steps to grow influence. You can do this by sharing relevant case studies and posting great infographics.

Build Influence and Use Influencers
Image Source: Agency Jet

To cultivate influence, a brand or company is required to offer value to other members of the industry. When an expert or authoritative image has been established, others will most likely link or cite the content.

You can increase brand awareness by utilizing influencers. Appropriate influencers create a bridge to new traffic, and this can lead to backlinking in the future.

You also want to contact blogs and get information about participating in a guest post. There is a possibility of adding a backlink when writing a context about the author of the content and sharing insights about your service or business.

3. Use Q&A Sites Such as Quora

Quora is a very useful website for various SEO areas.

To go about this, you want to research keywords for relevant posts with high traffic volume—notice questions on Quora that have these specific keywords and add correct and meticulously researched answers.

Quora Question Answer Posting
Image Source: Quora

Recruiters have the potential to develop their company by providing answers to live questions on this platform. From here, users can be directed to their sites.

Quora links are nofollow; however, they are still an excellent link-building strategy.

4. Present Virtual Events

A lot of events have been moved online or postponed for the foreseeable future.

Sponsoring music concerts, online conferences, and other online events can cause opportunity to create additional backlinks while increasing reach.

5. Grasp Existing Mentions

One of the key components of link building is existing mentions. It provides a way to develop existing relationships further.

You want to reach out to sites that have mentioned your brand in the past but do not have the link embedded in the content.

While you search for existing mentions, you want to check the names of high-profile employees, and not only websites and brands. You can increase your rankings in 2021 by leveraging content that has already been hosted online.

6. Take Advantage of Seasonal Content

Seasonal campaigns for the Fourth of July, Easter, and Christmas have already been built into the link-building strategy for various businesses. However, there are other special dates all year that can drive link traffic.

Seasonal Content
Image Source: Agency Jet

Link building will continually be a powerful way to drive organic leads, improve brand awareness and trust, and rank in searches in 2021.

7. Get Coverage from Local News

Social media has outrun newspapers as a source of news since 2018 in the U.S. To help with search ranking, backlinks can be added to digital content.

Local news sources are always searching for stories and can display additional insight into the story that is behind the brand.

You want to contact online news sources and pitch stories that are locally tied-in. One of the greatest places to host backlinks is local news sites. They can bring extra page traffic with the perfect angle.

8. Email Signatures

Every time communication is sent to another business or person; email signatures offer an opportunity to share and promote backlinks. Forty-seven percent of marketers in 2020 reported that they intend to send more emails.

A meticulously created email signature can assist in generating leads and traffic and can build trust. You want to add social media links to provide various touch points from a single place.

9. Utilize Broken Link Building

You can improve your search ranking and organic reach by replacing broken links on external sites.

Below is a concise version of how to build broken links. It is principally a three-step process.

  • Step 1: Type in a competitor’s site into platforms like Ahrefs site and sieve for broken backlinks.
  • Step 2: Create related and quality content that can replace that particular backlink.
  • Step 3: Contact webmasters to inform them about a broken link and ask if they will replace the link.

Another way to reclaim 404 error existing links is to create new content for previously created pages. After that, reclaim already existing website real estate without waiting for permission to replace broken links on other people’s websites.

10. Attest Business Linkings

Various public sites provide link-building opportunities such as Zomato, Yelp, Yellow Pages, Trip Advisor, Facebook, and Merchant Circle.

These links are nofollow. However, we have highlighted this tactic because it’s one of the quickest ways to improve your online presence.

You can also increase local SEO optimization by adding a backlink to local directories like Yahoo Local, My Business, and Bing Places for Business.

Business Linkings
Image Source: SEMrush

Check out the Listing Management tool for SEMrush to figure out your business’s level of visibility in directories.


The desire of every website owner is for a site to rank. And link building is one of the greatest ways to improve Google search rankings. Link building is a way to improve the domain and value authority of a website aside from just being an essential SEO component. We hope that our article has provided you insights and tips on ranking your website in 2021.

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Article by Grace P., a content writer at Monify Media.

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