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How to Use Google Analytics to Track Your SEO Efforts?

Sixty-seven percent of all clicks are on the first five organic results on search engines. More than ever, Search Engine Optimization has become more essential. When we talk about marketing expenditure, advertising gets the big bucks. However, people are deliberately avoiding paid ads in search engines for organic results. To reach and stay on the first page of search results,

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Simple Link Building Strategies to Rank Your Website in 2021

Link building is one of the most excellent ways to improve Google search rankings, although it may seem like a time-intensive process. It is estimated that by 2021, seventy-three percent of eCommerce sales will come from mobile. That being said, now is the perfect time to establish an online presence and brand trust via link building. Link building has never

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Ways to Structure your Customer Support Team

Perhaps you might be wondering what a great customer support team feels and looks like. How can organizations provide excellent customer service amidst fast growth and the variations that come with it? What skills do staff members and managers need to understand and assist the agent efficiently? Our article has provided frameworks and tactics to enable you to build your

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How Web Design Can Make or Break Your Online Business?

Several factors help contribute to the success of your online business. One such factor is your web design because it forms a key part of your brand’s identity. The benefits of a great website to business growth and profitability are innumerable. They range from improved visibility to better ranking and better on-page SEO. While you may not see the benefits

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Everything You Need To Know About Black Hat SEO

Do you want to know everything about Black Hat SEO? Monify Media has given a detailed explanation on this topic & you can find it all here. Read on.


The Amalgamation of SEO and E-commerce Marketing Strategies

Almost all businesses, at some levels, are built on an e-commerce model. As an IT company, we adopt a strategy that incorporates both search engine optimization and e-commerce tools. Our fine blend of SEO and e-commerce marketing techniques help increase traffic and conversion rate at e-commerce stores. Our teams of IT professionals at Monify Media are trained to make your

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